UK Closed Championships Bournemouth

July 2019

Dancing in their hometown of Bournemouth, in front of all of their friends, family and students, Andrey and Alexandra danced their final Ballroom competition before announcing their retirement. They took home the bronze medal in this National Championship.

"We would like to take this opportunity to announce our retirement from Ballroom competitions. We are not going away completely, as we are now looking forward to a new challenge in Showdance events. Over the last 14 years we have had an abundance of support from our family, friends, teachers, sponsors, and coaches, and we cannot put into words how grateful we are. We wouldn't be where we are today without them. A special thanks to our number one supporter who we know was watching over us on Saturday night and always đź’ž Thank you to the DPA for running this successful dance festival, which has allowed us to retire in our home town with our family and friends around us."

British Open Blackpool

May 2019

After a short break from training, Andrey and Alexandra were pleased to once again place in the top 48 of the world's best dancers at the British Open Professional Ballroom Championships

UK Open Championships Bournemouth

January 2019

Building on their performance at the International Championships in October, Andrey and Alex climbed up the ranking and finished in 27th place at The UK Open Championships - not far from the next quarter final round! Big thanks to all their friends, family and students who came along to support them on their home turf!

ProAm Champions Blackpool

January 2019

The first ProAm competition of the year and it's at the amazing Empress Ballroom, Blackpool. We are very proud of all our students who competed with Andrey in this event, and are pleased to report that they all made the finals - with some podium finishes in there too! Congratulations ladies!

Finalists in the "Wedding Extra"

December 2018

We are delighted to be named as Finalists in the "Wedding Extra" category for our First Wedding Dance lessons

WDC World Show Dance Championships Bonn

November 2018

Stepping WAY out of the comfort zone, Andrey and Alex have been preparing for months and working hard towards their new Ballroom Show Dance. This was debuted in Bonn, Germany, at The World Championships... and it earned them a space in the final! They are delighted to be World Show Dance Finalists!

European Championships Assen

November 2018

The European Championships were held in Assen at the Dutch Open Championships. Andrey and Alex flew the flag for England and narrowly missed out on a space in the semi final finishing in 14th place

International Championships Royal Albert Hall

October 2018

Andrey & Alexandra had the pleasure of competing at the spectacular Royal Albert Hall at The International Championships. They missed out on the top 30 this time round, but put in a strong performance in a very strong field

BDF Lecture

September 2nd 2018

Many thanks to the BDF for inviting Alexandra to lecture at the Senior Training Day held in Caterham. It was an honour to be asked, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Bournemouth ProAm

July 25th 2018

A fantastic ProAm event at the Bournemouth International Centre. We were very proud of all our students with every one making the finals and a few Gold medal placings too. Well done again ladies

Stars Of The Future

June 9th 2018

Today saw our ProAm ladies competing at "Stars Of The Future". It was a long, grueling day but they finished up with some excellent results - with almost every one in the final - huge congrats to you all and onward and upward for your next event in Bournemouth!

British Open

June 1st 2018

The British Open! Blackpool - the mecca of Ballroom dancing. It was another great competition and we were happy to place in the top 30 couples in the world again. Many thanks to all our supporters, coaches and sponsors for their continued support.

I.S.T.D Medals

March 29th 2018

Congratulations to all our students who took their I.S.T.D Medals today at our first Medal Test Day at The Piccadilly Ballroom, with every one gaining Honours across the board!

Dancing Holiday

March 23rd-25th 2018

After months of hard work and planning, Andrey & Alexandra are happy to announce that Dancing Holidays are BACK at The Piccadilly! They hosted a hugely successful Ballroom&Latin weekend, and are rpoud to be bringing Dancing Holidays back to the ever popular venue

UK Open

January 2018

Dancing in their hometown of Bournemouth, Andrey & Alexandra were delighted to dance for an audience with their friends, family and students watching on - thank you for all your support! They finished just shy of the top 24

ProAm Grand Finals

January 4th 2018

Congratulations to all our students who competed in the Grand Finals in Blackpool - who ALL made the finals in their events.



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World Championships

( Moscow )

Andrey & Alexandra are thrilled to have been selected as one of the top 2 couples in England to represent Team GB at the upcoming WDC World Championships held at The Kremlin in Moscow. Take a look back soon to see how they get on at the event

UK Closed Championships

( 30th July 2017 )

After nearly having to withdraw from the competition, due to a nasty injury Alex picked up during the event, they managed to battle through and maintain their ranking by placing 3rd place in this National competition.

British Open 2017

( May 2017 )

Andrey & Alexandra finished 25th at arguably the most prestigious competition in the world, narrowly missing out on the top 24.

Freedom To Dance, Effingham

( 13th May 2017 )

A major event in the competition diary in preparation for the British Open in Blackpool. A truly beautiful and well organised event. We were pleased to make the quarter final in this strong competition.

Venice Dance Festival

( 30th April 2017 )

Many thanks to Luca and Ekaterina for inviting us to Venice to compete in this beautiful competition. We very much enjoyed this competition and the audience support. We were happy to win the Professional Ballroom event.


( April 2017 )

We had the opportunity to travel to America to compete in April. We danced in two events in New Orleans and Miami, making the final in both.

The Piccadilly Ballroom Grand Opening

( 28th January 2017 )

We are pleased to announce, we are the new owners of The Piccadilly Ballroom. Thank you to everyone who came to our opening party (nearly 200 of you!) and to everyone who has helped along the way, making this venture possible for us. Visit the website for more info and pictures here

UK Open Championships, Bournemouth

( 18th January 2017 )

Our first competition of 2017. A huge thank you to all our family, friends and students who come along every year to this competition in our hometown of Bournemouth - your endless support and encouragement means the world to us!

Ballroom & Latin Licentiate Exams

( 29th December 2016 )

Today we passed our Latin Licentiate Professional exam with the I.S.T.D. We are now fully qualified in Ballroom and Latin, and available for Championship judging.

Fred Astaire Cup, Disneyland Paris

( 6th December 2016 )

Our last competition of the year at one of our favorite events. Having been invited to do a demonstration in Switzerland the night before, we traveled through the night to get to Disneyland in order to compete at this amazing competition. We made the semi final, narrowly missing out on a final placing.

British National & World Championships, Blackpool

( 19th&20th November 2016 )

A bumper weekend for us competing in both our National and World Championships! We were placed 4th overall in the British Closed Professional Ballroom on the Saturday night, and very pleased to finish in 18th place at the World Championships the next day.

Dutch Open Championships, Assen

( 13th November 2016 )

We were pleased to make the semi-final at the Dutch Open in Assen, picking up several marks into the final. As always, a great competition that we always enjoy

I.S.T.D Grand Finals, Blackpool

( 5th November 2016 )

We were honoured to be asked to perform our Ballroom show at the Grand Finals weekend at Blackpool to a packed out Wintergardens. Many thanks to the Imperial Society for inviting us

The Conversation, BBC World Service

( October 2016 )

Alexandra was invited to BBC HQ in London to be interviewed by Kim Chakanetsa for the BBC's "The Conversation" along side Strictly Star, Oti Mabuse. Listen to the interview in full here:

Dublin Masters, Ireland

( 16th October 2016 )

A big congratulations to all our students who competed in the Open, Teacher/Student, and Pro-am events in Dublin. You all came away with medals and did yourselves proud - looking forward to next year!

International Championships, Royal Albert Hall

( 13th October 2016 )

>A year has whizzed by since we won our International Rising Star title here. This year we were happy to make the quarter final in the International Professional Ballroom Championships. Thanks to our friends and family who traveled all the way to support us.

WDC Professional Ranking, Moscow

( 1st October 2016 )

We were very happy to once again compete in the "Autumn Star" in Moscow. A wonderfully organised event, complete with the Empress Orchestra! We placed 4th in a strong International final

I.S.T.D Licenciate Ballroom Exam

( September 2016 )
We are proud to announce that we passed our Licenciate Ballroom exam with Highly Commended, with The Imperial Society. We are now working hard towards our Licenciate Latin exam.

BCDC Funraiser, Surrey

( 25th September 2016 )
Many thanks to the British Competitors Dancesport Corporation for inviting us to perform at your event. It was a pleasure to help in some way towards this fantastic fundraising event.

UK Closed Championships, Bournemouth

( 30th July 2016 )
This was our first UK Closed as Professionals and we were so excited to dance in front of our home crowd. We placed 3rd in this prestigious National event. Huge thanks to our family, friends, and students for coming to support us on the night

I.S.T.D Annual Congress, Worthing

( 24th July 2016 )
Today we were asked to lecture at the renowned I.S.T.D Annual Congress. It was a huge privilege to be asked to lecture here, especially so early on in our Professional career! Thanks to the Faculty for inviting us to share our thoughts and knowledge with you all.

German Open, Mannheim

( 9th July 2016 )
We were excited to compete for the first time together in Germany at this amazing competition. We are happy to report that we made the final of the WDC Professional Ranking Series. Congratulations to the organisers for putting on such a well organised and fun competition!

Festival Danza, Italy

( 24th June 2016 )
It was an honour to be selected as one of the top 2 English couples to represent the country at the WDC European Championships in Cervia, Italy. We were pleased to make the top 12 in this tough competition. We also competed in the WDC Professional Ranking Series where we made the semi final, narrowly missing out on a final placing. Many thanks to the BDC for inviting us to compete at this wonderful event.

British Open Championships, Blackpool

( 3rd June 2016 )
Andrey and Alex were back in Blackpool a year on since their professional debut there. They narrowly missed out on a space in the top 24, but are working hard towards their next competition in Italy. They have been selected to represent England in the Professional European Championships

Indianapolis Open Championships.

( 16th April 2016 )
Andrey and Alexandra travelled to Indianapolis to compete in their first competition together in the USA. They were the only overseas couple competing in a strong American final and our happy to report they were crowned Champions, winning all 5 dances.

10th Anniversary

( 9th April 2016 )
Tonight we celebrated our 10 year dancing anniversary with our family, friends and students. It feels like only yesterday that we burst onto the scene as Youth competitors. Over 10 years we have amassed successes in the Youth, Am Rising Star, Amateur, Pro Rising Star and now, Professional field. Thank you so much to our coaches, family, friends and students who have supported us along this amazing journey. Andrey & Alex xx

IVDA Blackpool Wintergarden

( 27th February 2016 )
Many thanks to IVDA for inviting us back to perform at The Wintergardens, Blackpool. It was an honour to be asked to perform for you again. One of the best audiences - a ballroom filled with the UK's university Ballroom&Latin dance clubs.

UK Open Championships

( 20th Januray 2016 )
One of the major competitions in our event calendar and we were excited to be dancing in our home town of Bournemouth in front of our friends, family, and students. Thanks to all of you who supported us at the BIC and from behind your computer screens. We enjoyed every second and we were pleased to finish 34th in our first Professional UK Open Championships.

BDF Star Ball

( 13th Januray 2016 )
The first competition of 2016 at the Epsom Downs Racecourse. This was our first time competing in the Professional category at this prestigious event and we were thrilled to make the final. Many thanks to The Ballroom Dancers' Federation for organising such a wonderful event.

BDF Junior & Youth Training Camp

( 29th December 2015 )
Andrey & Alexandra were invited to lecture today at the Ballroom Dancers' Federation Junior & Youth Winter Training Camp. It was a huge honour to be invited to lecture alongside their peers and teachers for the BDF, thank you!

Fred Astaire Cup Disneyland, Paris

( 6th December 2015 )
Our last competition of 2015 was at the WDC AL World Championships. We competed in the "Professional Ballroom Fred Astaire Cup", where we were delighted to make the semi-final of this prestigious event, collecting a few marks to progress to the final too! A great end to 2015

Brittish National Championships (Blackpool)

( 21st November 2015 )
Our first British National as Professionals. We were so excited to dance our first National event as Professionals. We were placed 3rd in the Waltz and Foxtrot, and 4th in the other three dances - only losing out on 3rd place overall by one mark!!!

Dutch Open Championships (Assen)

( 12th-15th November 2015 )
It was a busy competition for us this year, taking part in 3 events! We made the final of the Professional Show Dance and the Rising Star. We also made the semi final of the Professional Open event.

International Championships (London)

( 7th October 2015 )
Andrey and Alexandra - International Professional Rising Star Champions! After 5 rounds of the Rising Star event, Andrey and Alex were crowned champions of this prestigious event, winning all five dances!

Professional WDC Ranking Event (Moscow) 

( 26th September 2015 )
A quick trip to Moscow for the Autumn Star competition held in Moscow.  We picked up the bronze medal in the Professional WDC Ranking Event

N.I.S.T.D Launch 

( 5th September 2015 )
We were honoured to have been invited to perform at the launch of the N.I.S.T.D, in Northern Ireland. Many thanks to the organisers of this event and to the wonderful audience who gave us such a warm reception.

WDC European Championships 

( 26th June 2015 )
Following their recent success at Blackpool, Andrey and Alex traveled to Italy to compete in the WDC European Championships. They finished in the semi final of this major competition. They also competed in the WDC Ranking Event on the following day, where they placed 5th, picking up lots of points for their International Professional ranking!

British Open  

( 29th May 2015 )
Following their success in the Professional Rising Star event just a few days before, they returned to the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, to compete in the British Open Professional Championship. This is the only competition in the world where the dances are marked individually, Andrey and Alex were next into the quarter finals in the Slow Foxtrot and Tango and placed 30th overall.

British Open  

( 25th May 2015 )
Our Professional debut... The British Open Professional Rising Stars event. After 7 rounds (!!!) Andrey and Alexandra were placed 4th overall - missing out on 3rd place by Rule 11 (one mark). They were also the highest placed English couple in this event.

Freedom To Dance 

( 8th May 2015 )
The Copthorne Hotel in Effingham had been transformed into a spectacular ballroom for this event, thanks to the new Freedom To Dance Organisers.  In what was to be there very last Amateur competition, Andrey and Alex finished 10th overall.
Many thanks to Tony, Amanda, Jonathon and John for putting on such a fantastic competition.

WDC AL European Championships

( 5th April 2015 )
The WDC AL European Championships were held over Easter weekend.  This was a great chance for couples to have a run-out before the British Open at the end of May.  Andrey and Alex made the semi-final of the Amateur Ballroom Championship

People's Strictly for Comic Relief

( March 2015 )
The first ever "People's Strictly for Comic Relief" was aired by the BBC.  

Andrey and Alexandra were proud to be a part of this program and were involved in the "reveal" to the eventual champion, Cassidy Little.


WDC AL Amateur Paris

( 7th February 2015 )

Andrey & Alexandra were invited to compete in the International Team Match in Paris. Along with their fellow team mates, Team GB emerged as clear winners. They went on to compete in the WDC AL Amateur Ballroom championship and were placed 2nd. Later in the evening they qualified to dance in the Open Show Dance category where they became vice-champions.

( 22nd January 2015 )

The first major competition of the year takes place at the Bournemouth International Centre. Andrey and Alexandra competed in the UK Open Amateur Ballroom Championships making the semi final, picking up marks from several judges through to the final. They placed 10th overall.

( December 2014 )

Finishing off 2014 with the WDC AL World Championship in Disneyland Paris – what a way to end the year!! They made the semi final of the World Championship in all 5 dances and received several marks through to the final.

( November 2014 )

November was a jam-packed month for Andrey and Alex. They kicked off the month by travelling to Assen in Holland for the Dutch Open Champioships. They were bronze medallists in this event. The following week saw them competing at the prestigious British Closed Championships, where they once again placed in the top 3.

( 30th October 2014 )

It’s been a busy couple of months of demonstrations for Andrey and Alexandra. They have been performing for audiences up and down the country with many more shows to come in the lead up to Christmas.

Galaxy Classique Awards

( 17th October 2014 )

This was the first time this event had been held and organised by Warren and Jane Bullock. Andrey and Alex were awarded the coveted “Amateur Couple Of The Year”. Many thanks to Warren and Jane for a fabulous evening.

UK Closed Championships

( 26th July 2014 )

The Bournemouth Festival is regarded as one of the “majors” in any dancer’s calendar. The competition was held on home turf at the Bournemouth International Centre. Andrey and Alexandra were victorious, winning this prestigious title, and only needed a couple more points to take 1st place in all 5 dances.

Oxford Championships

( 22nd June 2014 )

The Oxford Titles were held in Cowley on the hottest day of the year! After a few hot and sweaty rounds, they emerged champions and were awarded maximum points contributing to their DPA NL ranking.

WDC AL France

( 14th June 2014 )

Andrey and Alex travelled to Le Roux with A&L Dance Academy. They danced in the Amateur Open event, performing to a packed-out stadium of spectators. They were placed 1st and took every 1st place from every judge.

British Open Championships

( 31st May 2014 )

Andrey and Alexandra made the semi final of the Amateur Championships in Blackpool, placing as the top British couple.